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Expertise in MDF Manufacturing

MUKTI PANEL INDUSTRI is one of the pioneering and experienced “Medium Density Fiberboard” (MDF) manufacturer / producer in Indonesia. We specializes in manufacturing MDF with rubberwood as its raw material.

Supporting a circular economy by utilizing rubber trees that are no longer productive and will be replanted. All wood is certified and undergoes strict control.

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Thin MDF Boards

Smooth Surface and Edge Finish



96,000 m3 per annum

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Our Products

Mukti Board

PT. MUKTI PANEL INDUSTRI specializes primarily in thin MDF boards from 1.5 mm to 5.5 mm with rubberwood as its raw material.

The distribution of the fiber and uniform compactness throughout the MUKTI board enable a smooth surface and edge finish.

Due to is stable and homogeneous characteristics, the MUKTI board can be curved, turned, engraved, pressed, and easily finished through veneering, PVC/paper lining, transparent varnishing or lacquering process.


Smooth Surface